The name of this elegant fragrance is TESORO MIO. Translated from Italian, it means "My Precious". This fragrance is dedicated to the main jewel of life, the quiet voice of the true desires of the soul, which opens the cherished door to happiness.

TESORO MIO is a magical bouquet of the most noble and delicate flowers of Tuscany - iris and magnolia, decorated with light touches of lily of the valley in a silver plexus of the finest musks.

Tesoro mio Home set (Tesoro mio perfumed candle, 290 gr + Tesoro mio home fragrance diffuser, 250 ml)

The Tesoro Mio Home fragrance set is ideal for creating a warm and cozy atmosphere at home. A candle and diffuser will fill your space with a sophisticated niche scent. Tesoro mio candle is a sophisticated composition of woody-leather accords, powdered with iris, musky note and warm amber.

The aroma also shows a light haze of benzoin, cherry and coumarin. The DiVina Terra perfumed candle made of natural paraffin with the highest quality essences will not only fill the house with elegant compositions, but also purify the air by filling it with negative ions. The Divina Terra diffuser is a combination of selective fragrances and modern technology to create the perfect fragrance for your home. The composition of the liquid is designed in such a way as to preserve the aroma for as long as possible. The set is sold in a handmade wooden box. Ideal for a gift

Tesoro mio



Notes on the fragrance:
Bergamot, rose, cranesbill, jasmine.
Amber, iris, heliotrope, agarwood.