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DiVina Terra Brand concept

There’s   a double  meaning behind  the name of the DiVina Terra trademark   — translated from  ltallan DiVina Terra means  «a divine land».   A capital  Vin  ‘DiVina’  creates   another meaning  hinting at old winemaking  traditions   of the Piemaggio  estate.  All 7 DiVina Terra flavors  are  created   under the  sign  of friendship   and creative   union  of close  friends. They honor  emotions and beauty,  ltalian traditions   and time-tested   recipes  telling about breathtaking  landscapes   of Tuscany.

Experienced    connoisseurs    of  a genuine   Chianti   Classico   will  easily  smell   designer perfume   interpretations   of the  noble wine  with its light bitterness,   fragrance   of floral honey  and freshly  baked  cottage  bread in any DiVina Terra flavor. Divina  Terra flavors cause  whirlwinds   of powerful  emotions  and striking  sensations;   they are created  to give you all the warmth   of our hearts.



Once, while  staying in the  estate, l was visited  by great friends of mine —  Paolo Terenzi, a genius ltalian  perfumer, and his sister Tiziana, designer and  art director of Cereria Terenzi.

That  evening,  we discussed the  benefits of Piemaggio  wines with Paolo, who had  always been well-versed in wines.  A cool breeze from the hills brought entrancing aromas  of flowers and flavoring herbs blending with the taste  of wine. The conversation subsided by itself, and we enjoyed  every intake of breath   in silence.  Then, l almost  jokingly suggested that  Paolo should replicate that  wonderful aroma for me, so that  in rainy St. Petersburg l could be reminded   of Tuscan summer. And suddenly, he agreed to turn  the slipping wind into a wonderful perfume.


Larisa  Karaban about  the idea of perfume creation.


The shape of the package tells about the origin of the Divina Terra trademark.  lt is designed as traditional wine barrels.  That’s  the festive package you receive the best ltalian wines in as a present  from your closest friends.

The moderate and noble red color is a symbol of an early sunrise in Tuscany,  its morning sky and the rising sun shining through ripe bunches of Sangiovese grapes.  Reflected from ruby red juicy fruit, sun beams are frozen to decorate the gift package with golden details.

The package is handmade  in ltaly and seventy percent consists of recycled cardboard. The upper part  of the trunk simulates a hallmark of the region-Tuscan   leather. Treating nature and its gifts with unfailing respect, we never forget the traditions  of the region.

Hence,  packages of all Divina Terra flavors combine a well-recognized ltahan origin,  impeccability in details and a calm memorable style that can be immediately perceived with your fingertips.


the collection is presented from
7 extrait de parfum fragrances

The flacon is made  in ltaly.  lts laconic  form with  smooth shoulders,   a strict torso  and a weighted bottom,  like an Etruscan   amphora,  tells about  the ancient traditions of Tuscany.

The deep  amber color of the bottle  was not chosen  by chance.  ln production, it took a long time to go to this  color,  as it was  important to achieve  an absolute identity with  the dark glass of large traditional   bottles for the maturation of the best  ltalian Chianti.

Relief medallion  on the facade  is decoration   and talisman  at the same  time. There is the  oldest symbol in its center  that came  from the culture  of the Etruscans   who inhabited  Tuscany,  and later  inherited by the  Romans  — the Tree of Life,  the  eternal  sacred  symbol of peace  and prosperity.   The powerful trunk  and roots  of the  tree symbolize  strength   and wisdom,  and the many  branches  extending  from the trunk  represent the diversity  of cultures and their  unity.

The medallion  is made in a few days. First,  the  metal  blank with  embossed letters  is covered  with gold,  and then  there is  an enamel coating.  Black and gold — the perfect  combination,  enamel  perfectly   emphasizes  the radiance   of gold letters.

The tree  of Life is protected   by a circle on which  the name of the brand Divina  Terra is written and Tuscany  is indicated   — a place of ancient  wine traditions, known for its impeccable reputation to every gourmet.

The large volume  of the bottle  in 100 milliliters  is created  for connoisseurs of perfumery who are choosing  fragrances following the call of their  heart.

This bottle will delight you for a long time and will be an ideal gift for both men and women. Strict  proportions  and minimalism of the bottle will look gorgeously in any interior.