This delicate floral-fruity composition is dedicated to a very quivering and romantic feeling - exciting anticipation and expectation of a wonderful holiday.

The fragrance was created for everyone who looks at the world with wide eyes, noticing its amazing beauty and enjoying it.

Midday has spilt its sunny glow across the smooth hills of Castellina in Chianti, highlighting emerald green vineyards with yellow and scattered like silvery fog across olive trees with dark arrows of poplars and cypresses.

At such an hour, time freezes, becomes slow, and sounds are swamped by the deafening shrill of the cicadas.

Time for rest has come to Piemaggio, when people are tempted to go into the shade of a welcoming old house built from large hewn stones, cemented with white limestone grout. The orange tile roof with uneven spots of dry moss is cracked here and there, taking the luminary brightness upon itself.

Magnificent rosebushes in the yard send forth deep sweet-smelling fragrance; they’ve wreathed the old fence and big wine pottery jars. White stars of jasmine flowers decorate the walls next to the windows, and their fragrance is blended with the sweet-smelling rose aroma.

Inside, preparations are underway for the family feast of Infiorata, the Day of Flowers. The invigorating coolness of rooms is filled with exciting fragrances; the entire air is saturated with anticipation of the feast.

This tender fruit and flower composition is devoted to such a flickering and romantic feeling as the exciting expectation and anticipation of a splendid celebration. The flavor is designed for everyone who looks at the world with their eyes wide open, noticing its incredible beauty and enjoying it.



Notes on the flavor:
Bergamot, mandarin, rose.
Jasmine, honey, plum, passion fruit.
Patchouli, amber, musk, oakmoss, styrax.