The name of this exquisite aroma is TESORO MIO. This translates from Italian as “My Treasure”.

This aroma is dedicated to life’s main treasure, the quiet voice of the soul’s deepest desires, and the sacred door opening the way to happiness.

We spend our entire lives looking for our greatest treasure. Some may hope to find it in works of art or by surrounding themselves with values, while others think that their family and children are a treasure. We either realize our ambitions, or create castles in the sky and forget that the most precious thing for everyone is themselves. To truly know ourselves, we need to go on a long journey and master a special kind of art, since our desires and hidden possibilities are usually incomprehensible to us. Understanding yourself, listening to your desires and step by step reveal your hidden abilities — the most precious thing in life. You can feel it especially in the comfort of the Piedmaggio estate, under the reliable protection of its ancient walls. Here you can completely dissolve in the tranquility of the surrounding landscape, without much effort turn to your most important feelings, direct your thoughts upward, like snow-white birds, and give your body a rest and relaxation. As you contemplate the surrounding hills, the blossoming pink and white fruit groves, inhale the heady Tuscan air filled with the scent of vineyards, and savor the wonderful aged Chianti wine on the tip of your tongue, you involuntarily understand something. It is important about yourself, you look at the sparkling diamonds of your soul in the bright light of the Mediterranean sun.

The name of this exquisite fragrance is TESORO MIO. This translates from Italian as «My treasure». This fragrance is dedicated to the main treasure of life, the quiet voice of the soul’s innermost desires and the sacred door that opens the way to happiness. TESORO MIO is a magical bouquet of the noblest and softest flowers of Tuscany — iris and magnolia, decorated with light notes of lily of the valley in a silver weave of the best musks. A sweet light haze of benzoin with almond tones of cherry and coumarin complements this floral waltz. The tail echoes the sophisticated blend of Tuscan leather, emphasizing the softness and nobility of the floral tones.

Try on this fragrant, delicate piece of jewelry made just for you. After all, TESORO MIO was conceived and created especially for those who have found the main treasure in their life.


EXTRAIT DE PARFUM 100 ml/15 ml

Notes on the flavor:

Lily of the valley, magnolia, benzoin, coumarin

Cherry, birch, amber

White musk, iris, Tuscan leather